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Cultural Background

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

In this post Im going to talk about how writing invites us to develop our awareness of our unique placing in the large picture of things. I will share a little about my own particular setting and then will offer some guidance about how to develop this awareness.

What I would like to invite you is to use the rich soil of your own particular experience as the source of your inspiration. You don’t have to go far – to write about fantastic things in order to write something meaningful. Write about the things that are near you, from what you know.

Be conscious of your unique place in society, in the economy in the culture you belong to, the generation, the place where you live, your gender, your age – each one of this and the combination of them together creates your unique setting that no one else knows and can write about. This is your unique experience, your angel on the world around you.

For example: I am a middle aged female, living in a peripherial town on the northern border of Israel. I was born and raised in my toddler years in Britain and later my Israeli family returned to Haifa to Israel. I grew up in middle class wealthy neighborhood and was well educated, but later as a consequence of various life events which I will not go into – I had become a blue collar worker, writing in my free time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg but what I want to suggest to you – is to look at the social and cultural particles and influences that made you in to who you are – and develop stories that highlight any one of these – with an emphasis on the things that matter to you. Those things that you are passionate about.

I’d like to invite you to take pen and paper and sit down and write about your background – major life events, your social and cultural origins and your situation in life. See if any of this makes you want to write about it and follow those clues. If you find it hard to develop this awareness try reading the work of writers who are conscious of class and race issues such as Toni Morrison and Charles Dickens.

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