"There is a mystery to our world that keeps me curious and alive. What gets me up in the morning is a deep thirst to explore the world around me..its past and future, its psychology and its culture, imagined or real" (Ayelet Abraham)

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The Blackbird's call before dark


It is 1230BC, the time of Hebrew occupation and settlement of ancient Israel. Ita-Anu, Canaanite princess of Hazor commits an unforgivable crimve by her people - to avenge her brother's death, she kllls a man with her own hands As punishment she is sent away to the shrine of the goddess Ashera on the shore, where she becomes a Qdesha - a servant of the goddess.

Ita-Anu's turbulent and curious soul does not let her rest, and as reality around her falls apart, she follows her own truth and her connection with her gods. Will she endure the challenges of her time?

An epic story of an extraordinary woman that breaks through the expectations and limits of her era to become savior and martyr.

Professor Arie Peled


An amazing semi-historical novel based on archeological evidence

L. Parker