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The Jackal 

It is a cool autumn in Tel Aviv. Nita Yoelberg has to go again through an abortion. But this time she doesn’t heal as she expects. To recover she moves to the forests of the Galilee. Entering the forest, she finds within her the wilderness she had buried deep down all those years.  But the forest also holds dangers and new possibilities that challenge Nita in unexpected ways.  Buy here

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The Tale of Gentle Hussein 

Hussein a young boy in a future middle east, flees from his home into the night where unexpected forces come to his aid. With the help of his new Ally he enters a new world of ancient knowledge. Will he fulfill the prophecy of the ancients? will he overcome the wounds of his childhood? A futuristic parable about the coming of age of a gentle boy in a harsh world, a story of love and friendship and the power of faith. Buy here.

The Blackbird's Call Before Dark

It is 1230BC, the time of Hebrew occupation and settlement of ancient Israel. Ita-Anu, Canaanite princess of Hazor commits an unforgivable crimve by her people - to avenge her brother's death, she kllls a man with her own hands As punishment she is sent away to the shrine of the goddess Ashera on the shore, where she becomes a Qdesha - a servant of the goddess.

Ita-Anu's turbulent and curious soul does not let her rest, and as reality around her falls apart, she follows her own truth and her connection with her gods. Will she endure the challenges of her time? Buy here

Evanescent Bloom

Devine, an Israeli Anthropologist sets out to conduct field work with a group of multicultural theater students in an Israeli University. In the process of participating and observing the student's training she embarks on a path of self discovery and confrontation with her inner demons. The relationships that Devine forms with the students, especially Yaniv whose vulnerability and volatility intrigue her, shed light on the emotional worlds of today's youth in Israel. As Devine documents the actor's training, she uncovers deep truths about existence and the powerful craft of the actor. Buy here

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