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In my family of origin being creative was the most important value. Express yourself was the first thing I learned from my father, mother and older siblings. When I was seven years old my father took me to a café and left me there with a large cream cake and a glass of coco along with crayons and drawing paper. “Ill be back” he said. I don’t remember what I did until he returned but I got the message for the rest of my life – Be creative and learn to be alone.

I graduated my high school art studies with a video art piece called “Pregnancy” (1988), combining dance and pottery. I was fascinated by the freedom of theater hence instead of going to the army like the rest of my class, (I was exempt for psychological reasons) I went to study theater at the “Creative actors’ school” in Akko theater where I created the performance “Pornography / self-testimony” (1990) which combined movement theater and 8 mm film.

I continued to work at the theater as a researcher and director assistant in David Maayan’s performance “Arbeit Macht Frei” and after a year continued to create my own one-woman performance, combining movement, theater and video that was performed at the “The Holocaust Studies Institute named after the late Hadva Eivshitz" in Haifa. (1991)

The years that came after that revolved around building a family and going through 12 years of academic training as an Anthropologist. My graduate degree was about Arab – Jewish relations during the production of the exhibition and cultural event “The Festival of all Festivals” in Haifa (2000). My PhD field work was conducted with a group of theater students. When I finished that year of participant observation I couldn’t sit and write a dry boned dissertation so instead I wrote my first novel, which I later self-published as “Evanescent Bloom” (2012). I than had to sit another year and write the actual dissertation for my doctoral degree, which was about how theater students weave willfully emotional states (2007).  

During the years that followed I wrote two more novels: “The Blackbird’s Call Before Dark” (2014) and later “The Tale of Gentle Hussein” (2022). Three of my short stories have been published in literary journals - “Decency” (2021), “Agents of Spirit” (2021) & “Measure of Happiness” (2023).

I am currently working on my fourth novel , a fantastic tale set in Interwar Eastern Europe and continuing to pursue various illustration projects.

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