Ayelet earned her PHD in Cultural Anthropology from the university of Haifa in 2007. From those mysterious moments of wonder and owe that overcome her sometimes stem her  stories and essays woven out of everyday materials, memory and culture. She is also inspired by the short stories of Alison Munro, Salman Rushdie, Elizabeth Strout and the writing of Elizabeth Gilbert.

She has published the novels "The Blackbird's Call Before Dark" (2015) and "Evanescent bloom" (2012) and in Hebrew two self help books as well as many biographies as shadow writer. Her forthcoming new futuristic coming of age novel "The Tale of Gentle Hussein", will be coming out on January 2022.


Born In Scotland, she currently lives in Nahariyya on the northern shore of Israel. She is a photography enthusiast and in her youth created several one woman multimedia performances. Ayelet is the proud mother of two grown children.