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New book - "The Jackal", a novella.

I’m happy to announce that I have just published a new story of mine. It is called “The Jackal” and can be found on Amazon as an eBook or a paperback (here). The story is about Nita Yoelberg, a woman who has to go again through an abortion. But this time she doesn’t heal as she expects. To recover she moves to the forests of the Western Galilee and here starts an adventure which is partially magical realism, partially romance and even a bit of a thriller.

I worked on this project for several years and it was molded in many shapes before it reached its final form. Through writing this story I explored issues that have long intrigued me about my own feral side, the sadness over the growing distance between myself and nature since my childhood in the Carmel forests and an inner search to sense that raw, primordial life force within me, at fifty years old.

The story also explores social and ecological issues such as abortions and animal preservation while also depicting on a small scale the life of a project manager in a high-tech company which is based on my past experience as a digital accessibility specialist. I am grateful for the good advice I got from former colleagues as well as zoologists researching the lives of Jackals.

The great challenge I faced while writing this story was the question of aggression as expressed in the relationship between Nita & Jacob. It took many forms and shapes until I found the right measure. On the way, there were some truly gruesome scenes. I’m grateful that I found my way out of that wild thicket by focusing on Nita’s personal growth through her experiences.

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