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Doing my art during wartime

These are the days of the "Iron Swords" war. One of the main consequences of living in a warzone is that all time structures disintegrate. The usual routine of going to work every morning and doing my creative work in the afternoon or early morning was threatened by having to move in with my mother, sleeping on a matrass on the floor and having no private space to zone out in.

Yet, one of the most important things for me was from the first day of the war to continue my creative flow. continue doing half an hour of writing and half an hour of drawing each day (setting a clock). Hence I searched for and found a quite corner in the facility where my mother lives (she lives in a protected elderly facility) and continue my work no matter what. I cannot express how meaningful this was for me, how it helped me feel centered and grounded within a turbulent reality.

Last week began an illustration class I signed up for in Tel Aviv. I had to take the train form Nahariya my home town and travel south. During these days its risky as missiles are at times launched in the direction of both cities. I thought Id cancel the entire thing but my son convinced me that my creative life should not be limited by circumstances.

Hence, I took the train, and indeed when I arrived in Tel Aviv, the siren went off and I found myself lying on the floor of the train, covering my head. I was shaken by this, feeling so exposed and vulnerable, away from home and under danger. I thought "this was crazy going to the course during these times". Yet, when I got to the art school and the lesson began, and I was immersed in the flow of drawing with ink and different brushes, talking and breathing art, my soul calmed down and I was filled with gratitude and resolve that I had done the right thing, and next week Ill do it again no matter what.

These experiences highlight for me how my creative work is the back bone of my life and ma raison d'etre .

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